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Lela and I have made friends with a raccoon that is regularly appearing on our back patio. Lela has named her Luna since she only comes after dark.

When we first saw Luna, she was clearly foraging for something to eat, and was basically eating oak leaves. I figured she'd want something a bit more substantial other than "oakmeal," so I went into the house and found some club crackers for her. By the time I had returned to the patio, she had scampered off, but Lela left the club crackers out on the edge of the deck. Sure enough, the next morning all the crackers were gone.

A couple of days later, when we went to the grocery, we decided to get some of the bargain-bin cookies for Luna (coconut, by the way). The next time she came by, I went in and got some of the cookies and placed them out in the same place we put the crackers. This time, we saw her at the edge of the patio, scarfing down the goodies. Lela returned later that night after I had retired and put some more cookies for her, but she didn't eat all of them.

Tonight Luna came back up (I think she had eaten the rest from the other night) and was sniffing around. She was VERY close to us; like within two feet. When she retreated, once again I went in for some of the coconut cookies, but this time, instead of placing them all at the edge of the patio deck, I put two near there, two leading into the center of the patio, and one near our feet.

Luna snagged the two near the edge quickly. She then found one of the ones near the middle, after sniffing around for a bit. (I think coons are a bit nearsighted, although they have a great sense of smell). She was looking around again and then, interestingly enough, found the one near us. Hesitatingly, she took the cookie, looking up at us to make sure we weren't going to do anything to her, then genteelly knocked it back about three feet from us before she began to eat. We now know her "comfort zone." Needless to say, both Lela and I were totally charmed by her.

I said gently, "There's still one more, Luna; can you find it?" It had become almost like a game to see if she could find the last cookie. I know she was smelling it, for she was sniffing around and eventually she did find it. After she ate it, she looked around to ascertain that there were no more cookies, then quietly, she took her leave of us. Lela and I went back in after that.

To say we are charmed is an understatement. I also know that Luna is a wild creature and that we are taking all precautions. But to have an interaction with a bit of Nature really brings one closer to the heart of God. I wouldn't trade my experience tonight for anything.
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