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Ghost Cat
So we have a ghost cat at our house.

I've known about the ghost cat for some time. My mother told me she had been seeing it years ago, but was afraid she was just seeing things, until she broached the subject with my now late stepfather, who said, "I've been seeing it, too." Both of them described seeing a dark, either iron-grey or black cat, that would flash around a corner, or encounter them in the hallway, then vanish.

Since my wife and I have moved back to the old homestead, I have seen the cat twice myself now--both times in my room, or right at the doorway of it. I was talking with my wife and mother in the hallway when the cat ran around the corner, past my legs, and into my room. I thought it was Kesoun, my mom's long-haired grey cat, and was doing what I could to find him and shoo him out of the room (before he got in a closet or under the bed and made mischief.)  A little later I realized that Kesoun was on my mom's bed and had been there for some time.

Today, as I was coming out of my room, unmistakeably I saw the cat try to dart into my room, see me, then stop abruptly, turn tail, and start running...and vanish. Very odd. Both Kesoun and Lily (my mom's two cats) were outside, and my wife and I were the only ones in the house at the time.

I know Louisiana is rife with ghosts. Well, we have a cat haunting our house. By all accounts he seems friendly (for some reason I think it's a "he") but a bit skittish, and is fascinated with my room for some reason. If no one else names him anything but the "ghost cat," I may end up calling him "Spook." I wonder who he was in life?

Over and out.